AKSHAR SMS system is a complete solution for school/College communications with parents. It assures Student-Truancy reduction and provides emergency SMS alerts to parents and Students or any selected group.

This SMS software provides a brilliant service for staff to contact parents or each other about school related issues. As all teachers are aware, time constraints often mean that they are unable to contact parents within school hours, but this service allows short messages to be delivered immediately to their mobile phone in the form of a text message. Parents will be happy that the School/Colleges are really concerned about their Ward and not just contacting when the fees is required to be paid.

It is a very flexible service as it allows groups of parents to know about school functions or notices (for example, a deadline for coursework) or it can be used to contact individuals (for example, to pass a positive comment onto a parent about their child).

Staff can also use it to intimate with each other (for example, to notify them about a meeting or cancellation).

With technology becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, this service helps to keep staff and parents informed quickly and cost effectively.

AKSHAR guarantees a dramatic reduction in unexplained absence and generally improves student attendance. It also delivers SMS to parents, students and teachers on an emergency events such as crime, terror, weather condition, cancelled class, or any school or group events that the school administration need to communicate with parents and students in Real Time.

Student safety and welfare are increased, communications with parents are improved and significant savings and efficiencies are enjoyed by schools that use AKSHAR. Parents will surely appreciate your Educational Institute if you provide this value added service.

Alumni of your Students – keep in touch with them forever:
It will be very emotional experience for Students who have left the Institution to still receive at least once in a Year a message from their School's favorite Principal or Teacher about the happening in the respective Institution. It will not cost much but will be of great value for both the Institution & the Student.
Example: The <School/College> is organizing its Annual Alumni meeting on <Date> of all Students who have passed out of our Institution in the last 10 years. You are invited.

AKSHAR SMS System offers educators a communication tool so powerful that it reduces costs and allows parents to take action and responsibility for their child's absence, performance, and activities at the touch of a button. Streamlines everything much faster & easier. AKSHAR system delivers real time notifications to parents that improve student's attendance and safety while reducing absence and truancy.
In a Nutshell, AKSHAR will benefit the Educational Institutes by:
Absenteeism Reports/Alert.
Attendance – Daily/Monthly.
Function Invitation.
Fee Dues.
Fee Schedules.
Exam Marks.
Exam Schedules.
Bus Schedule alerts – Cancellations, Late Arrivals, and Bus Routes.
Advertisements – Admissions, School Festivals, New Facility/Program.
Emergency messages.
Parents - Teacher Meetings.
Performance Appraisal/Updates - Unit Test Results, Monthly Subject Ratings, Cumulative Rankings, etc.
Benifit to School
Get objective & provable metrics for teachers/school’s performance.

Further your commitment towards education by helping parents to consistently, accurately, securely and easily monitor their child’s development at school.

Leverage from our wide range of notification services.

Preliminary training & life-term support services to be provided by A1 Logics.

Frequent interaction with the parents enabling better relationships with them.

Automatic Report Card generator - reduces workload for class teacher.

Competitive advantage - School gets recognition for the service.

Ready and instant access to student’s performance history.

Minimizing cost incurred by schools on phone calls and letters to parents.

Ability to immediately contact parents in case of emergency.
Benifit to Parents
Childs attendance at school, absenteeism alert

Change in bus schedule or cancellation of any bus route.

Sudden declaration of a holiday or extension of vacation.

Schedules and reminders for parent teacher meet.

Examination timetable.

Monthly/annual report card delivery.

Fee payment details & reminders.

Any other events notifications like annual day, sports meet etc

Be informed about your child’s academic performance at all times
Benefits of using AKSHAR SMS System
The educational Institutes like Schools, Colleges, and Coaching Centers will benefit and save using our AKSHAR.

The benefit is not only derived for the Educational Institution, but also for the parents and for the Students.

The task for the School administration, management & the office Staff also becomes simple and streamlined.

We request you to read all the benefits which we have mentioned below. There are still many benefits and multitudes of uses.
Attendance - Keeping the parent informed:

For the schools, attempting to locate and notify parents or guardians that their child is absent, is often just as difficult as locating missing students. With AKSHAR SMS Facility, parents and guardians are automatically alerted via SMS messages to their mobile phones, making it an easy, time saving and fault-free way to record real-time student attendance.

Example: Dear parent, your Son/Daughter ___________, is absent today for Classes. Plz contact us a reason for absence

Emergencies – Reduce the Stress for parents:

In the case of an emergency and when information is needed at the time of particular urgency such as approaching dangers from Riots, immediate strikes , terrorism, Earthquake , bad weather etc. a simple message will give assurance to the Parents.

Example: Dear Parents, your Son/Daughter is safe in the School premises & those who are not availing the School Bus Facility can come and pick their Child.

Unscheduled Holiday - Make the morning lighter:

After the School hours, sometime, if something unforeseen happens & the Students have already finished the School hours and can`t be communicated about the Holiday the next day , Inform the parents about any unscheduled holiday that has to be declared due to unforeseen circumstances. It will lighten the morning for the parent as well as the student. It will also reduce the number of working parents calling the school to check if the school is open & will help them plan their day better.

Example: Dear Parents, the School/College is closed today because of ________________________. The classes will start as usual on ______________. Thanks . Principal.

Admissions - Keep the crowds away & don`t make the Parents wait unnecessarily:

Intimate the parents the time & date of the interviews or the results of the interviews. This way the crowds can be reduced and the school & college administration is rid of answering hundreds of queries. This will also make the parents appreciate the System the Educational Institutes have. The admission process can be streamlined with fewer burdens on everyone involved.

Example: Dear Parents, your Son/Daughter has been selected for admission. Plz come for the Interview with the Student & with the TC & Fees on . Principal.
Examination Results - Helping the child cope up:

Just like the days of admissions, the day the results are declared there is a rush that each student and their parents feel, early in the day. Reduce that charge in adrenaline and SMS the result to the parents. It will go a long way as far as the parents are concerned to monitor & handle any negative stress that the child may go through.

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