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Purple ICE
Purple ICE is a simple and comprehensive Practice and Patient Management Software. This software has been designed & developed in consultation with professional practitioners from around the world so as to satisfy all the daily requirements of a private practice such as Appointment scheduling and Review, Billing, Patient Record maintenance , Maintenance of lab records etc . Manual records are out dated and occupy a lot of space in a clinic and can become a hindrance during regular practice . Our software eliminates the need for manual records and enables you to access patient records at the click of a button.

The key feature of our software is its simple yet elegant interface which allows even the least tech savv person to use it without a problem.
The installation of the software is simple and we at Purple ICE guarantee a free Lifetime Maintenance of the software to enable you to go about your practice without worry. We also offer Training on the usage of the software for you or your clinical staff to enable you to utilize the software to its optimum capabilities.