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Conference event management is among the most popular practices of the idea of events management.

Zebra is the last example of responsibility of conference event management. It is the task of conference event managers to ensure that the objectives of the conference are attained. To achieve this, they have to monitor the whole proceeding and make certain that the plans are carried out correctly.

Zebra helps in successful conducting of the conference procedures.

Here the conference ID cards will play the whole role. These cards will be used instead of all other coupons during the conference.

It provides an easy, cost effective system to entry procedure for the user defined events and its slots. The application will support for dynamic event adding, User defined entry restrictions.

The use of bar codes made the entire system cost effective and technically well organized.

Barcodes are generically used for automatic identification and data capture also helps in recording the arrival and departure of the event participants. Thus allows to identify duplicate or fraudulent tickets more easily. Barcodes are widely used application software where people can scan work orders and track the time spent on a job it also provides the highest level of reliability in a wide variety of data collection applications.

Barcode systems create value not only by saving time, but also by preventing costly errors.
Features of the software:
Registration Management:
To assure a quick and easy registration validation at the entrance of the event, Zebra provides the barcode scanning. This helps in keeping track of the members by registering their details using ID cards which can be retrieved in later stages by one click operation.
Quick Transaction:
Helps in recording the total swipes of a particular event in a very quick span of time. The processing of the entry request and the collected contacts are followed off from a server. The server is provided somewhere in the local network, and a response from the server is literally available in less than a second.
Event Management:
Manages, controls and stores the Event Details and thus it features easy access of the event information at your fingertips. Here badges are scanned at the entry, to validate the authenticity of the badges before allowing the badge holder to enter the event.

Event management component allows you to not only produce badges but also include barcodes on these badges, allowing you to scan directly into the event system. This will automatically update live data such as attendance records and all event data on that particular individuals.
Account Settings:
This option has been incorporated with various features which helps in Customize the design, setting and updating Conference details such as Banner, Venue, Event Logo as well as setting and updating the Barcode Length. Also been provided for security which restricts unauthorized users to access the features of the software.

Barcodes with the attendee's ID will either be integrated into a name tag, or badge, or alternatively the badges themselves can be printed with barcodes. At the security check-point upon entry, barcode scanners will read the attendee's ID to check for validation.
Option which helps in enhancing the ambience of the software by giving an Review of the entire process such as the various transactions that commenced along with viewing the event and its progresXs at the click of a button. Here you can also have an overview of all registrations and attendee details, which can be accessed and edited at any time.

Zebra is a simple and comprehensive management software which has been designed to outdate manual practice and enables you to access the transaction details at your convenience.

Barcodes literally accelerates the attendee registration and handling at an event, a more precise tracing system of the attendance flow and also makes possible detailed event reports. Devices like barcode provide for a dynamic, easily-implementable alternative that not only work in different cities for the registration but also is advantageous, inexpensive and flexible. Because of the uncomplicated operating of the device, It helps in saving time and money.
Extended benefits:
The direct data transfer and the processing provides attendees and hosts further additional benefits. Self-service terminals can also issue attendee certificates during the event. The mobile implementation of the Barcode also provides a variety of possibilities for the successful measuring of marketing actions. These devices can also capture the visitor's contact data and set it against certain product questions or surveys.
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